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Specialty League Player Registration - Fall 2022


Welcome to the PPHL Player Registration

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up, and select payment options for participation. Thank you and welcome to our family we look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Registration / Payments. Team Captain is responsible to complete the captain registration before team begins to register. Players cannot register until Team Captain completes the registration and states how many players will be “Full Roster Players”. Starting this Fall, the team home page on SportsEngine will now show “Full Rostered” players and what each player payment status currently is. During Week #1, players (roster, subs) are required to be completely registered on PPHL SportsEngine site before stepping on the ice. Any players who get on the ice without being registered as full or sub player, will automatically forfeit the game for team representing due to liabilities.


The PPHL understand players pull out of seasons due to different circumstances. However, the team is responsible for finding a new player who will cover the cost of the player who can no longer play. If the team cannot find a player on their own, please contact the PPHL Division Head who can assist via the Free agent list. If no Free Agent has signed up through PPHL’s Free Agent list, it is still the Team Captain’s responsibility to find a player to cover the costs.


Department of Player Safety (DOPS). The PPHL is pleased to announce the new player safety department, which will now be called “Department of Player Safety” or “DOPS”. Power Play has issued three members of the company to form the Department of Player Safety and make decisions on future altercations. Team Captains and players involved will now receive an email regarding the PPHL decision per matter. Teams may challenge the decision and will receive a final decision within 24-48 hours.


Power Play has also added a new addition to the Player Safety in all leagues by issuing a 30-minute accrued suspension. Players per season will have all their penalties added up per division played in. Once a player reaches a total of 30-minutes’ worth of penalties, that player will now receive an automatic 1-Game Suspension in addition to other suspensions per actions committed. After player reaches the 30-minute mark, the player will reset to 0 minutes. If a player in same season reaches the 30-minute mark for a second time, the player will then be dismissed from the division for the remainder of the season with no refunds.  


Lastly, the Power Play Hockey League will now record each players’ altercations per season and total history in the PPHL. Future decision making of suspensions will be determined by per altercation and players’ history in the PPHL.


Points of Emphasis. Moving into the new season, the PPHL would like to share FIVE (5) points of emphasis to the teams playing in the upcoming season. It is the Team Captains responsibility to educate their teams on the points of emphasis and no excuses will be made once the season begins.

1. Warm-Up Pucks – Each team is now required to bring personal pucks for warm-ups. The PPHL will no longer supply warm-up pucks with the arrival of PPHL Game Pucks. The PPHL Game Pucks will not be used for warm-ups and Scorekeepers / Officials have been instructed to not hand out the game pucks for warm-ups.


2. Team Uniforms – Team Captain is responsible for having the complete rostered team in matching uniforms with numbers assigned to each rostered and sub player. If team does not have matching uniforms with numbers on the back of jersey after Week #2, the team will be issued PPHL jerseys to wear for remainder of the season and able to keep after season. When a team has been issued jerseys, the PPHL will charge the Team Captain $300.00 (USD) for 15 Jerseys that are provided by the PPHL.


3. Alcohol/Tobacco on Bench/Ice Surface –When your team is playing, there is to be no alcohol or tobacco on the ice or benches. If either Alcohol or Tobacco is found on team bench the following will happen.

a. 1st Infraction = Delay of Game penalty | Beer / Tobacco thrown/removed from bench

b. 2nd Infraction = Delay of Game + Game Misconduct

c. 3rd Infraction = Automatic Forfeit of Game

If a team continues to violate the Alcohol / Tobacco substance policy, the PPHL will review and discuss about further actions with possible removal of team.


4. Fighting / Abuse of Officials – The PPHL firmly stands against players’ abusing officials. Understandable that hockey is an emotional game; however, we need to have a filter and understand where the line must be drawn when verbally or physically attacking the Officials. The PPHL will not tolerate it and the Department of Player Safety has been told to sentence harsh penalties to players who commit it. Communication is key with Officials and they have been instructed by the Director of Officiating to give players the courtesy and give explanations when needed.

Fighting has become a major problem is recent seasons and the PPHL is tightening on the punishment for fighting. Adult Hockey has no room for fighting and the PPHL will not allow players to play in their leagues that will go that far in an altercation. Fighting is a punch, or an attempted punch, thrown by any player in any direction of an opponent, regardless as to whether contact is made. The following has been set forth by the DOPS.

a. 1st Fight = 1 Game Suspension

b. 2nd Fight = Suspended for Remainder of Season

c. 3rd Fight within 1 Calendar Year = Suspension from PPHL for 365 Days


5. Equipment / Helmets – Players are required to wear all necessary equipment (excluding shoulder pads at your own risk) to compete in a PPHL contest. Players that are missing required equipment will be told to get off the ice and may not return until all proper equipment is worn.

Helmets are recommended to be HECC certified with proper straps to prevent helmet from falling off. Visor, cage, or no frontal protection is accepted, however the PPHL recommends either full cage or visor. If a player is wearing a cage, the player MUST strap BOTH sides of the cage to the helmet. If both straps are not connected to helmet, this is not accepted, and the player will be removed from the ice. Players without cages, must have the strap that came with the helmet under the chin and tightened so the helmet cannot come off. Players who refuse to tighten helmets will receive penalties and be removed from the game.


The PPHL is asking for full cooperation in all FIVE point of emphasis’ and thank you for your understanding. If any questions regarding any of the five points, please reach out to Shawn Connors.



Good Luck. The Power Play Hockey League would like to thank all the Team Captains and players for playing in this upcoming Season and wish you all the very best of luck. Please make sure all team players are emailed this memo, so everyone is well aware of the changes! We look forward to seeing you in the rinks and on the ice!


The new restrictions for Mass hockey  to start back up are as follows. PLEASE READ FULLY!




Guidelines (posted above) received through the Mass Hockey Association.

All Participants must show NO COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days!


Face mask (Neck Gators Recommended)

  1. All players will be required to wear face masks in and out of the facilities at all times. 
  2. A face mask will be required while on benches (Neck Gators would be best solution).
  3. Face masks will be required during face-offs for the centers and wingers (not documented but discussed on the call).
  4. NO face masks are required during play.

As of today, these are requirements for face masks. The task force and Mass Hockey Association are working with the state to try and relieve some of these restrictions but as of now, this is the requirement.

We recommend that everyone just get neck gaiters to make it easy to slip them up and down when needed.

Locker Rooms

  1. Locker rooms must be at 50% capacity and will be labeled on benches inside. This is required by all rinks so please only use seats marked by rinks. or the number of players allowed in each locker room on the door. 
  2. No showers are allowed.
  3. If need be we can separate teams into 2 locker rooms to allow for more room.
  4. 15-20 minutes allowed after games to get undressed and out of the facility

These restrictions can easily be accommodated in adult hockey as our roster's numbers are usually much lower than youth hockey. However, teams that have more players, the team will be able to separate into two locker rooms. No hanging out and socializing in the locker rooms after the games. 


  1. While on the bench you will be required to have a mask on (neck gator).
  2. The benches will be marked for social distancing in between players, the overflow will be available in seats to either side of the benches.
  3. Water bottles per individual not to be shared.

Mass Hockey Association is working to loosen some restrictions but for now, this is the standard. 

Spectators / Team count

  1. There will be NO spectators allowed for players 21 and older.
  2. Team counts are not effected in adult hockey.
  3. No more than 25 players on the ice at one time.

Again, these restrictions can easily be overcome in adult hockey as we usually only allow a max of 15 per team. In a situation where both teams go over the 25 people on the ice at one time for warm ups, we ask that a couple of players swap out for warm ups to keep this number at 25 players. The players waiting can remain on the bench until the swap happens.




  2. Rinks and the League will be required to send ALL rosters for contact tracing if any player has a positive COVID-19 Test.  
  3. For insurance purposes, and State guidelines, we need to track every player at every event.
  4. This is a MANDATORY and no one may play without being registered as a full-time player or sub.

If you have any other questions pertaining to League Play please feel free to contact us at info@powerplayhockey.com


We know these next few weeks will be a bumpy start due to state regulations and restrictions in Massachusetts.  We are working with the Task Force and rinks to make this as smooth as possible and thank you all for your continued patience and understanding during these crazy times.  We are working around the clock to make this successful.

Thanks Again,


Dave Weare
Vice President of Operations, Power Play Hockey League
E: Dave@powerplayhockey.com

David Weare

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